Flexible hammertoe deformities are when contracted digits can be manipulated into a more anatomical or straightened position.  These types of hammering digits can be treated conservatively with non invasive measures.  With hammering digits, you can develop corns and callouses that can cause pain.  Padding designed to shield corns from irritation may be a viable treatment option.  Medicated pads bought over the counter are not recommended as there may be acid that can damage vital skin. Other conservative measures such as change in shoe gear to a wider toe box, avoid wearing high heels that cause your toes to bunch together in the front of the shoe and consider wearing heels with less height are options to treat flexible hammertoes.  Orthotics are devices placed in shoe gear that may assist with muscle/ tendon balance I shoe gear.  These may help as well as Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication that can help decrease joint irrational and swelling.  Taping or splinting may also be considered to straighten a bent toe.

If Conservative measures fail, and patients are looking for amore permanent solution for hammering digits, surgical options are considered. The extent of the hammering digit deformity as well as the number of toes involved and other factors based on past medical history will be taken into consideration when determining the best surgical option.  The length of time for recovery will largely depend on the type of procedure completed.  Patients will typically be required to wear a surgical shoe and have limited weight bearing for 4-6 weeks or longer.


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