Diabetic Foot Care

People with Diabetes are prone to poor circulation, weakened immune systems, and impaired nerve function in their feet.  Due to poor circulation, diabetic feet are more susceptible to developing sores and non healing wounds which may lead to ulcers. These wounds can also lead to serious infections which can lead to amputations, loss of limbs and even loss of life. With diabetes you also have a good chance of developing Peripheral neuropathy.  Symptoms of neuropathy are pain, numbness, tingling and burning sensations in your feet. I recommend that you come in for a comprehensive diabetic foot examination where you can receive information for your condition and a health plan tailored to your specific needs. “Click here for more information regarding diabetic foot care.

Wound Care

Anyone who has diabetes is at risk for developing a wound.  Wounds can be due to poor foot structure, increased pressure in a particular area of the foot or venous or arterial problems.  A diabetic foot ulcer is an open sore and the most common areas for open sores for diabetic patients are on the bottom of the feet.  If patients have nerve pain , or numbness to the feet it is important to check feet daily for open wounds to the feet.  Open would are prone to infection, and in an already immunocompromised diabetic patient this increases risk for infection of the bone and amputation. If you are a diabetic patient it is imperative to wear shoes, check feet daily and establish a relationship with your podiatrist to prevent and treat diabetic wounds. “Please click here for more information regarding wound care.


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