Plantar Fasciitis

Pain from plantar fasciitis is usually caused by tightening of the plantar fascial ligament that is located on the bottom of the foot. The plantar fascial ligament supports the arch.  When resting, the ligament contracts (or become shorter).  As you begin to walk, the ligament pulls and may tear slightly causing pain. Heel pain can also arise due to trauma, overexertion, ill-fitting shoes or poor foot alignment.  There are a range of treatment options for this condition ranging from conservative to surgical.

Conservative treatments include, stretching, icing, splinting and anti-inflammatory medication and possibly a cortisone injection. Proper foot support is one of the most important treatments that I recommend. The purpose of foot support is to stop the ligament from tearing, therefore addressing the cause of pain. Custom orthotics can be provided for the best possible foot support. Custom orthotics are inserts that fit into your shoes which are custom molded to specifically fit your feet. Orthotics can correct faulty foot alignment and bring your feet into a more correct position.  Most patients respond to conservative treatment with favorable outcomes. For patients that do not respond to conservative measures, additional surgical treatment options are available. Surgical options include releasing the plantar fascia from its insertion site at the heel and shaving down the heel spur. To get the best treatment option for you, it is important to consult your podiatrist.


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