Turf Toe

Turf toe is a sprain to the ligaments surrounding your big toe joint. The ligaments of the big toe assist in the motion of your toe going up and down.  If these ligaments are injured the most common symptoms include pain, swelling, and limited joint movement at the base of the big toe.  Sometimes with sudden injuries a “pop” can be felt.  Basic treatments for treating turf toe, initially, is a combination of rest, ice, compression, and elevation (R.I.C. E).  This  treatment approach is to give the injury time to heal. Over-the-counter oral medication such as ibuprophen may be suggested to control pain and reduce inflammation. Taping or strapping the toe to the toe next to it to relieve the stress on it is another conservative measure that may be used to treat turf toe. Another way to protect the joint is to immobilize the foot in a cast or special walking boot that keeps it from moving. It may be necessary for you to use crutches so that no weight is placed on the injured joint. In severe cases, surgical intervention may be warranted.

Short paragraph: Turf toe is a common term to describe pain in the big toe joint.  It is a condition that is caused by jamming your big toe with the force of running and jumping.  It is commonly seen in athletes who play sports such as football, soccer, basketball, gymnastics and dance. If you have pain in your big toe joint it is important to see your podiatrist for treatment.


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