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Foot and Ankle Surgeon Located in Orange, CA

“My Mission Is to Provide a Professional and Compassionate Approach to Foot and Ankle Care”

Dr. Ebonie’s patients receive comprehensive foot and ankle care and the latest innovative treatments. She is an expert at treating foot and ankle trauma, the use of advanced techniques to provide wound care, diabetic limb salvage and reconstructive surgeries of the foot and ankle.

Foot and Ankle Conditions

As a Foot and Ankle Surgeon, Dr. Ebonie Vincent has the training and expertise to treat a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions, including traumatic and sports-related injuries, arthritis, the diabetic foot and foot deformities. Dr. Ebonie is taking new patients and would love to help you get back on your feet again.  Book an appointment today!


Ankle Conditions

Dr. Ebonie is able to treat a wide variety of ankle pain injuries and conditions, from sprains and fractures to ligament tears and defects.


Heel Conditions

Aching, painful heels are a major source of frustration for many Americans. Heel pain doesn’t have to be permanent, and treatment usually isn’t invasive.

Toe Conditions

Many different conditions and deformities of the toes can cause pain. Dr. Ebonie offers treatment options for a variety of different toe conditions, helping you find relief from pain.


Midfoot Conditions

The middle of the foot is made up of a group of small bones that help form the foot’s arch. Midfoot injuries can be mild to severe, but are almost always painful. Dr. Ebonie can help you find the right solution.


The Diabetic Foot

Of the 30 million people in the US who have diabetes, 60 – 70% have nervous system impairment (neuropathy), which causes a loss of feeling in your feet or hands. Come see Dr. Ebonie for a complete assessment.


Other Treatments

Walking, standing, moving – your feet and ankles keep you going all day. Foot and ankle pain, whether from an injury or normal wear, can affect your ability to function. But you don’t have to live with the pain. Come see me.

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Foot and Ankle Services

From routine checkups to treatments for surgery, Dr. Ebonie and the Doctors at Orange County Podiatry are equipped to handle all your podiatric needs. 

Foot & Ankle Surgery

When evaluating your condition, Dr. Ebonie tends to lean towards less evasive treatments.  When surgery may be necessary, you can trust that in you are in good hands with Dr. Ebonie.

Foot & Ankle Trauma

If you’ve experienced a foot or ankle trauma and need urgent care, Dr. Ebonie is committed to be there for you. Her goal is to get you to your pre-injury state as quickly as possible. 

Sports Medicine

Being a competitive athlete herself, Dr. Ebonie understands the importance of getting a correct diagnosis and prescribing the best treatment plan for a quick and full recovery.

Wound Care

Not all wounds on the feet are the same and their causes can also be varied. Dr. Ebonie has extensive experience in the treatment of foot ulcers, open wounds, and trauma wounds. Let’s get you healing right away.

Child Related Foot Care

Children experience foot pain just like you and I. Whether it’s abnormal walking patterns, foot deformities, flat feet, heel pain or ingrown toenails, Dr. Ebonie loves working with kids and helping them back on their feet.

Non-surgical Treatments

Dr. Ebonie offers Podiatric treatments including injections for pain, physical rehabilitation, anti-inflammatory therapies, casts, use of custom-made insoles, alternative pain relief solutions, orthotics or shoes for her patients.

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Irvine Location Appointments

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Doctor Vincent and her staff are wonderful. Having had numerous foot surgeries, I was looking for a Doctor for the long term. I think I’ve found her. Thank you!

Stanley M.


Better Foot & Ankle Care is Our Mission

Dr. Ebonie is currently taking new patients. For Urgent Care requests please call the number below.

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