OSSIOfiber® Implants

Enabling Surgeons to Restore, Regrow, and Renew Bone without Metal. OSSIOfiber® is the first-of-its kind implant material to securely fixate and fully integrate into the native anatomy with nothing left behind.

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Stop Suffering From Hammertoe and Bunion Pain

Patients often wait over five years to take action around their hammertoe and bunion pain. By working with Dr. Vincent we aim to encourage our patients to stop delaying a life-changing repair now that there is an all-natural solution that avoids many of the problems associated with metal implants.

What Makes OSSIOfiber® Unique?

Proven materials engineered into a proprietary strong and bio-integrative matrix. In its first-of-its-kind technology, OSSIOfiber® implants successfully integrate with the native anatomy without leaving any traces behind. A OSSIOfiber® implant contains organic minerals similar to those found in bones themselves, but it retains more strength – it eventually becomes part of the bone, encouraging natural bone regeneration without the risks and costs associated with permanent hardware.

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50% Natural Mineral Fibers

  • Composed of silica, magnesium, calcium, and other natural minerals found in bone
  • Mineral fibers have been in clinical use for over 30 years, most commonly as osteoconductive bone void fillers

50% Polymer

  • Poly (L-lactide-co-D,L-lactide) (PLDLA) binds the fiber matrix together
  • PLDLA has over 30 years of clinical success and can be gradually and naturally cleared by the body through hydrolysis

Strong, Secure Fixation

  • 1.5x strength above cortical bone for secure insertion and initial fixation
  • Sustained mechanical performance for bone fixation throughout the healing period of an osteotomy, fusion, or fracture

Bone In-Growth, Regeneration,and Replacement

  • Early bone attachment and in-growth
  • Gradual integration with surrounding anatomy with no adverse inflammation observed
  • Fully integrated within 78-104 weeks

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