3D Bunion Removal


3D bunion surgery is a new, innovative technique that allows for fast recovery time and a better treatment outcome for the majority of patients.

Bunions are a progressive problem that can affect other areas of the foot. Traditional bunion surgery takes a one-dimensional approach. It “fixes” the problem by correcting its most obvious symptom, The protrusion of the metatarsal bone. The problem is that it leaves the less obvious symptoms intact, making the recurrence of the bunion a disheartening 70%.

Luckily, with Lipoplasty (3D bunion surgery), all of the root causes of the bunion are addressed, which fixes the cosmetic factor (the visible “bump”) and the invisible problems that cause pain and recurrence.


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Bunionectomy Specialist


Dr. Ebonie is a world renowned foot and ankle surgeon. Her surgical expertise along with her calm, compassionate bedside manner will address the problem you are experiencing and help you on your path to healing.

Dr. Ebonie is trained in cutting edge techniques with the goal of bringing about positive outcomes and high patient satisfaction.

You’ll be back in your favorite pair of shoes in no time!

3D Bunion Removal Vs Tradition surgery

Traditional Surgery



The majority of bunion surgeries today are Osteotomies. This surgery attempts to correct the problem by cutting away the bunion and shifting of the metatarsal bone. This 2D approach doesn’t address all of the problems, and in many cases only serves as a temporary fix.

3D Bunion Removal



3D bunion removal is a comprehensive approach that addresses the bunion as well as the underlying cause. As a result, the cosmetic’s of the bunion are fixed as well as the pain that comes with it.


Traditional bunion surgery is typically followed by the uses of a cast, crutches, and a scooter until the patient is able to walk in a surgical boot 6-8 weeks after the procedure. The patient is typically back in tennis shoes within 12-16 weeks. Unfortunately, the reoccurrence rate of the bunion with traditional procedures is nearly 70% 


3D bunion removal allows you to be up and moving within a couple of days of surgery with no casting. A boot will be worn for 6 weeks, after which you can return to normal foot wear, And since all of the underlying causes are addressed, the bunion has a very low instance of reoccurrence.

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